Blended Learning Tool

StudyBlend is a powerful and easy to use blended learning tool. The main goal of StudyBlend is to enhance learning and get better results faster. It offers great benefits and features to students, teachers and organisations like schools, universities and training agencies.


For students

StudyBlend helps you to track your own learning path. You always know what to do, what you've already accomplished and if you're on schedule. This makes learning easier, faster and fun.

For teachers

StudyBlend offers a quick and easy to use way to apply blended learning. It enables you to set up a course, track student progress and easily connect with (large) groups of students.

For organisations

StudyBlend is an innovative tool that helps students and teachers get better results faster. This saves time and money for schools, universities and training agencies.


Learning path

Find out how you learn by following your own learning path and become a better learner.

Learning activities

Plan your activities for each day and week to focus your time and enery on getting results.

Learning materials

Upload and share learning materials like texts, images, videos, tests, and assignments.


Use messages to connect with students and teachers.


Check what you've learned by taking a quiz. It makes learning more effective and fun.

Student overview

Teachers get a clear and complete overview of the progression of their students.

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About us

StudyBlend started out as a pilot for a course at Wageningen University. The goal of this pilot was to help students get a better understanding of the course as a whole, the subject and their own learning path. The results were promising so we decided to add more features and turn StudyBlend into a complete blended learning tool.

Together we will continue to develop, test and improve StudyBlend.

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